Val Majeau of Sacred Paws came to see our dog, Sage, and cat, Mia. Sage had only been living with us for one week and is a 4 month old German Shepherd. We needed help with Sage to assist her in adjusting to her new surroundings – she was very reactive to all kinds of stimuli, other pets and especially our cat. Val was amazing and got to the heart of the matter with Sage immediately by using her skills in animal communication and reiki. We cannot thank Val enough for providing her outstanding skills and talents for our pets and for giving us very valuable information and advice that we could begin working with immediately to help Sage adjust to her new surroundings and lead a happy, healthy life and also to help our dog and cat become friends. Val worked wonders with both Sage and Mia. She is a truly talented, dedicated healer for pets and I would highly recommend her services.
Julie Rose, Sage & Mia 


 This experience was an amazing journey, like nothing I have ever experienced before. An amazing journey through my emotions that helped me heal my spirit and soul.
Calvin M.