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Welcome to Sacred Paws

Animal Communication & Reiki for All Animals

Sacred Paws
is a mobile service, devoted to all animals. Animals suffer from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues just as we do. They are sensitive to human moods and changes in their environment.

Reiki is an energy healing system whereby a connection with Universal Source works with your animal's own inner resources to achieve balance.

Reiki is safe for any condition and can help other therapies work more effectively. It addresses and heals on all levels. Reiki is non-invasive, allowing your pet/animal to take in as much or as little healing energy as they want. It is painless, will not cause harm and has no side effects.

Reiki can jump-start the bodies natural ability to heal itself while releasing blocks and suppressed emotions.

Animal Communication allows us to communicate with those animals currently with us as well as those who have passed on.
Often we have questions or concerns regarding our animals, and they may have messages for us.
Communicating, intuitively, with animals means mentally sending and receiving thoughts, images, emotions, words and sensations.

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